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About us

TCP’s Aladtec is an online scheduling solution designed to meet the unique needs of the public safety community, and is suitable for both small volunteer services and large multi-location corporations. Acquired in 2021 by TCP Software, a market leader in Time & Attendance and Employee Scheduling solutions, the shift scheduling software provides an efficient, cost-effective way to efficiently manage employee scheduling and personnel data for many industries.

Brief history about Aladtec Scheduling

In 2002, Leo Langlois and Dave Feyereisen were approached by a local ambulance company from Ellsworth, Wisconsin, to build a web-based solution to help them schedule their employees.

Within a few short months, EMS Manager was released into the world. Soon after, other public safety organizations began contacting Dave and Leo, who met with hundreds of EMS directors and fire chiefs to develop a deep understanding of their specific challenges. A clear trend emerged: Every organization used different employee scheduling processes. This led to the development of a much more capable platform supporting a wide variety of employee scheduling techniques used by EMS and fire departments.

In 2005, this newly expanded online scheduling solution became Aladtec. Expansion of the solution continues, and today, the Aladtec scheduling solution combines with TCP’s TimeClock Plus software to offer a robust platform uniquely positioned to support the important work of those called to support their communities.

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