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Habersham County Emergency Services


Aladtec has become an indispensable tool with this Georgia combo service

Habersham County Emergency Services operates from nine stations, protecting the lives and property of about 53,000 people scattered across the scenic beauty and small towns of the Northeast Georgia mountains region.

When county supervisors voted in 2018 to merge ambulance and fire services, Director Chad Black wanted a cloud-based scheduling solution to end the inefficient daily chore of updating- and emailing a Word document to members.

When Black demo’d Aladtec, he found a software that also streamlined time-off approval and eliminated the clunky paper-shuffle for rig checks, daily journals, and policy storage. Through time savings alone, he attests that Aladtec paid for itself in a matter of months. And Black loves the customer service.

Please feel free to contact Aladtec if you have any questions by calling our toll-free number at 888-749-5550.

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