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success stories

TCP's Aladtec has been the go-to shift scheduling solution for public safety agencies for decades


Auburn Career Center Case Study

Despite pressure to cut costs, Aladtec will never be on the chopping block. I know that the value our program has gained from using Aladtec far outweighs the cost.

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Habersham County Emergency Services

“We were purchasing staffing software, (but) all the other components that come with this just blew us away. We have streamlined so many processes we do into one system — Aladtec. It has made life so much easier.”

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Great Falls Emergency Services

“We’ve had Aladtec for approximately three years and it is absolutely integrated into the body and the operation of how GFES operates. It would be difficult, honestly, to imagine GFES, without the help from Aladtec.”

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New Albany Fire Department

“Before Aladtec, firefighters had to visit the station to request a day off. Come November, Majors would drive to each member’s home, in order of seniority, to pen vacation picks onto a paper calendar. Today, members check schedules and make requests via smartphone, and equipment checks and more are done with iPads on forms designed and hosted in the Aladtec cloud.”

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River Falls Police Department

“The system we used before Aladtec wasn’t consistent with our expectations. It didn’t quite meet any other goal besides just a simple, schedule display basically. With Aladtec, we’re able to utilize different forms, and basically to not only show schedules, but to go past that, and produce reports that are useful for analytics within our department.”

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Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office

“One of the must haves for our new scheduling system was it had to be designed for public safety. Aladtec met that requirement.”

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KenCom Public Safety Dispatch

“For years, we were using an Excel spreadsheet, and it became very complicated. We have a lot of overtime and a lot of extra meetings, duties, trainings, so it was very complex to fit it all on a spreadsheet … so we were looking for something more automated and something that people could check from home. The forms helped us organize things like equipment outages and the daily observation reports we do with our new hires. And we run reports on the forms (and) export that into a spreadsheet.”

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Life Link III

“By switching to Aladtec I save at least 1 to 2 hours a day. Add that up, and it frees as many as 10 hours a week for me to concentrate on more important tasks.”

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Regions EMS – St. Paul Saints

“The Aladtec system provides me with a great tool for being able to schedule and saves me a ton of time on having to re-contact and re-shuffle schedules. It’s a dynamite tool for taking care of the scheduling issues, especially for a special event such as the Saints.”

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Regions EMS – State Fair

“Aladtec works well for scheduling software for an event such as the State Fair because it offers extreme flexibility for both the administrators and the staff.”

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North Memorial Dispatch Communications Center

“My employees really like being able to login from home or on their mobile device. They can easily see when they’re scheduled to work, and if they want to submit a vacation day or make a trade, they can do it all on their mobile device.”

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