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Modules key highlights


Payroll Module

Managing different pay rules within your organization through manual processes is not only time-consuming but also puts your payroll process at risk for errors.

With Aladtec’s Payroll Module, multiple pay periods can be defined, pay profiles can be managed in one central location, and payroll reporting just got easier.

Define rules for overtime, holidays and shift differentials. Choose what is included in payroll reporting such as time types, time off types or time clock hours, if used.


Time Clock

Aladtec offers an online time clock kiosk to track employees time, and easily compare actual time worked to scheduled time.

Once the Time Clock is enabled in the system, Administrators can set grace periods when clocking in or out, as well as add/define pay codes for employees to choose from when clocking in.

The Time Clock Module is considered an optional module, with an additional fee. Please reach out to your sales rep or support for additional information.

Providing system customizations that fit your department needs

  • Create multiple pay periods
  • Establish overtime rules by pay profile
  • Include shift overlap or shift differentials
  • May require explanations outside grace periods
  • Add multiple paycodes

Every moment has been an ‘ah-HA’ moment. Going from paper to a system that puts the information and scheduling at our members’ fingertips was a huge step forward, not to mention the ability to run reports and have an accurate history of time and pay.

- Tim Bailey
Firefighter New Albany Fire

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