Personnel Management

Store Employee Information for Workforce Management Assistance


Personnel management key highlights


Rotation Scheduling

Maintain your personnel data, from work qualifications to emergency contact information, as well as run reports, send messages, and customize filter views, all from one location.


User Profiles

Unique member profiles display a personalized My Schedule view, and help track system actions in the system log.


Licenses & Certifications

Track employee licenses, certifications, training, and more, as well as receive renewal reminders prior to expiration. Limit the ability for an employee to be scheduled with an expired license.


Customize User Settings

Establish user permissions across the system, with expanded capabilities for high-ranking members of your organization such as scheduling authority, report views, and user profile changes.


Time Off Accruals

Define time off types for both paid and unpaid absences, and set rules to automatically deposit hours into an employee’s bank every pay period, month, year, etc. As time off requests are approved, hours are deducted from their bank.


File Storage

200 GB of storage available for employee handbooks, training videos, and much more. Apply permissions for each folder to limit who can view the files inside.

Set system customizations that fit your department needs

  • Switch between any number of Aladtec systems for employees who work at several services
  • Only show the information that best suits your workflow, using comprehensive and easy to use filters
  • Allow one group to have sign ups and trades automatically approve, and another group require approval
  • View schedules by day, week, month, or pay period and configure view options to fit specific needs

Aladtec is more than a scheduling resource; there are forums, libraries and a member database allowing for easy staff interaction and information. The initial setup was easy and using it is a breeze. The program truly does what it is designed to do and we don’t know how we managed so long without it.

- Bruce Hoffman, Training Officer
Ellington Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Ellington, Connecticut

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