Premade & Custom Forms

Lose the Filing Cabinet and Digitize Your Paper Forms


Premade & custom Forms key highlights


Premade Forms

More than 200 premade forms, created by Aladtec customers, are available to use, just set permissions and go.


Custom Forms

Simple tools help create digital versions of the paper forms you already use. Once created, submit forms online for easy tracking, set notifications and run reports.


Form Attachments

Upload photos or other files from your computer or cell phone to Aladtec Forms such as receipts, scene photos, or vehicle damages.


Form Signatures

Add electronic signatures to timesheets, purchase orders, inventories and other forms when extra authority is needed.


Form Notifications

Alert personnel through text or email when a form is submitted, or when a specific selection was chosen in a field.


Form Reports

Review all form submissions, find information fast by setting filters to limit fields displayed or highlight submissions from a single member.

Providing system customizations that fit your department needs

  • Control which access levels, work groups, or individuals can submit each form
  • Allow submissions to be modified on select forms and lock submissions for others
  • Create Form Categories to group related forms or access frequently used forms easier

We not only took our scheduling online, but we were also able to eliminate 95 percent of our paperwork by utilizing the forms section of the program.

- Tim Bailey
Firefighter, New Albany (IN) Fire Department

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