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Aladtec for Fire / Rescue

Whether your department is made up of volunteers, part-time or full-time members, with just a click of a button, all firefighters qualified to work an open shift receive a text message or email. Those who want the shift sign up, and the administrator chooses who to fairly assign it to. Designed to be powerful, flexible and easy to use, complex rotations can be quickly added for a year or more into the future and shift trades are easy to approve, and track, within the system. Aladtec’s online scheduling and crew management system is available to administrators, and staff, 24/7/365 from any computer or mobile device via the Internet. Gone are the days of scheduling on paper…online is where it’s at.

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New Albany Fire Department

Cloud-Scheduling Eclipses Paper at New Albany Firehouses.


Habersham County Emergency Services

Aladtec has become an indispensable tool with this Georgia combo service.

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